Review: Grace and Frankie Season 3 Episode 1 “The Art Show”

With its spectacular sense of humour and unique depiction of ageism in the face of rejection, business and culture, ‘Grace and Frankie’ returns with a hilarious episode. While its thematic discussion may be a little too on the nose and bold, and the episode does meander off near the end, the re-introduction to these character feels special and heart-warming. Grace and Frankie’s contrasting personalities has always led to brilliant writing, but this episode perfectly showcases that with what looks to be this season’s serial storyline with their lube and sex toy business. Seeing Frankie’s loose, free spirit within the business world highlights that the writers know what worked last season, while tightening up Grace’s more methodical, traditional approach. The acting is predictably excellent, while the supporting cast of the women’s family is superb, creating a brilliant chorus of critique and in portraying family bond. I hope Sol and Robert are not relegated to just being add-ons and have their own narrative like last season, but overall this is an exceptional return to one of the streaming era’s great shows. 9.3/10


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