Review: Feud Season 1 Episode 3 “Mommie Dearest”

While the decision to focus heavily on the themes of parenthood, raising children in Hollywood and fostering talent did seem at odds with the plethora of themes presented in previous episodes, the way these ideas were weaved throughout this episode was brilliant. The writing perfectly captured how parenting both divided and brought together Bette and Joan, while representing that at the core of all issues, the women simply had differing perspectives on how to handle things. While the back and forth nature of the feud is becoming a little tiresome, with the characters fighting then trying to be friends and then fighting, this was the first episode where I really felt the feud was balanced, making me truly care about both protagonists. A lot should also be attributed to Lange and Sarandon, who are extremely good in this episode, perfectly portraying their character’s outrage, hurt, and selfishness. The direction is also magnificent, reflecting the evolution of the characters within their interactions. This episode of ‘Feud’ proves that the show can have elements of feminism and socialism that work, but it also has so much more. 9.3/10


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