Review: Iron Fist Season 1 Episode 9 “The Mistress of all Agonies”

This episode centres around two rather generic and cheesy storylines. Rand’s interrogation of Gao is neither exciting nor that revealing, drawing out potential tension until her inevitable escape. It doesn’t provide any new meaningful information or development for the characters, only emphasising the bland nature of the show’s writing. Finn Jones also can not conjure up the intensity his character obviously need to exhibit, while the purpose of Claire and Colleen is to only be pawns. The other storyline, one even more poorly conceived, involved the return of a character. What occurs afterwards is slow, predictable, and again never provides any greater level of information to the characters. The reasoning behind the character’s return remains ambiguous, as does the character’s role in the future narrative. Ultimately, it feels as if the writers realised the show lacks a gripping villain, or gripping anything for that matter, and thought bringing back such a character would increase the stakes, but instead it simply reinforced the show’s inconsistent tone and lack of direction. 5.4/10