Review: The Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 14 “The Other Side”

It is simply a given that ‘The Walking Dead’ has become repetitive, continuously showing us montages of how life is under Negan’s rule and the character’s attempts at building up their strength against him. The inherent nature of this however, is saved in this episode by writing that meander but never bores. The focus upon Rosita especially is great, as she is one of the only characters who has yet to become a parody of themselves. While the technique of using a back story to bring characters together is cliched and tiresome, the conversation between Sasha and Rosita was at least engaging due to Christian Serratos’s brilliant performance. I don’t want to see the Sasha and Rosita ‘team up’ become a common thing because of how generic that sounds, but both characters deserve some attention. Gregory’s power plays here were also intriguing, as I wish the show placed further focus on the political leaderships of each community, rather than just their physical abilities. 7/10


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