Review: Iron Fist Season 1 Episode 8 “The Blessing of Many Fractures”

The fallout from the central death of last episode plays exactly as you would expect, with Ward’s breakdown continuing in a typical fashion, that while humanising, doesn’t make him any more compelling. By this stage, the Meachums are so irrelevant to the larger main narrative that any time they come on-screen it feels inconsequential. I assume there will be a lead up to who really is the killer, but that sounds so unappealing due to its cliché set-up and the show’s relationship dynamics. Yet while the Meachums continue to suck the air out of this show, Danny Rand doesn’t help either. The character continues to be horribly written, inconsistent and suffering from Finn Jones’s poor dialogue reading. He jumps back and forth between naivety, anger and frustration amongst the extremely contrived, and often laughable, drama and conflict, with his personal motivations having zero emotional weight. I could deal with poor villains and overall story structure, but having a protagonist that after eight episodes is still undefined is a gruelling realisation. Ultimately, Iron Fist just doesn’t have any life in it and is becoming a tedious exercise to watch. 4.7/10