Review: Iron Fist Season 1 Episode 7 “Felling Trees with Roots”

The general conclusion I made after this episode is that ‘Iron Fist’ is flavourless; a generic, visually bland show that has very few unique or truly engaging aspects. With a formulaic approach to its season structure (ripping off Luke Cage in many respects), ‘Iron Fist’ gets rid of one of its more interesting and complex characters with little reason.The focus given to the Meachums is slowly becoming unbearable as the writer’s purpose of trying to create empathy for them is so obvious that it has distracted from their larger plans. This episode also cements the show’s rather superficial anti-capitalism stance, further making villainy inherent within the Rand corporation, both in ideals and physical state. Due to the focus placed on Ward especially, as well as the larger company, Danny feels like a side character here, as while I can respect his growing affection for Colleen, she still feels underdeveloped, as if she is there simply to be a realist, in contrast with Danny’s supernatural, optimistic worldview. It also became clear during this episode that we are unlikely to ever see Danny’s back story. For a show that continually references such back story, this feels more restricted by budgetary issues than narrative. 4.8/10


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