Review: The Path Season 2 Episode 9 “Oz”

This episode covers a lot of ground, and rightfully so, as the pressures on the Meyerist movement and the show’s many characters increase and conflict is certainly stirring. Unfortunately, while Sarah’s path down a darker moral path was exciting to see, with the character finally moving in a clear direction after so many episodes of jumping back and forth, the development at the end of the episode is simply annoying. It has happened so many times before that at this point it lacks any consequence or thrill. It also seems rather convenient for dramas sake that it happens at the same time Eddie seems to be returning to the fray. While I did like the ideas behind the Faith event and how Meyerism is moving towards greater commercialisation, I felt the central speech was underwhelming and didn’t have the raw power and grip that Cal normally delivers, though it did further highlight his nd Sarah’s brilliant ability of creating facades. ‘The Path’ has so much potential, and this season has certainly done better at capitalising upon it than the previous, but it also feels drawn out in segments, especially when repetitive actions are presented as development. 8.4/10


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