Review: Iron Fist Season 1 Episode 6 “Immortal Emerges From Cave”

After five episodes of meandering about, taking itself too seriously,’Iron Fist’ somewhat deviates into a lighter, more energised state during this episode. While the numerous fights Rand has to overcome makes this episode feel too structured and repetitive, the fights themselves were extremely well-directed and choreographed. It was the first time that it felt like we were seeing a trained warrior fight and having his mentor appear contextualised Rand’s actions within the lore. The ending is rather anti-climactic, as while Gao does provide a few reveals, these are largely ignored by Rand and the episode ends with little punch or grip. Meanwhile, the Meachums were their usual selves, neither intriguing, unique, complex or even accomplishing much. I could have tolerated this, but the immense focus place on Ward and his drug addiction, which seems extremely irrelevant, was annoying and looks to be a ploy to get the audience to care about the character. 6.4/10


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