Review: Iron Fist Season 1 Episode 5 “Under Leaf Pluck Lotus”

This episode’s overall larger narrative concerning the drug trade and the Hand’s involvement in it has its worthy features. Not only is it grounded in the show’s very realistic world, but it connects the corporate elements of Rand’s life with his supernatural. But the developments that come throughout this episode are awfully slow and ultimately reveal very little. The tangents the show takes the audience on (and look to continue to), are extremely predictable and clichéd ways of drawing out conflict and putting the hero back in dangers way. This might be alright if the main protagonist was likeable, or well written, but Rand is anything but that, and this episode confirms it with his childish, ignorant, and often arrogant actions making him extremely difficult to connect with or get behind. His corporate view is also inconsistent, as the character wavers between anti-corporatism sentiments and using his money and status as a means of bargain. ‘Iron Fist’ attempts to mesh boardroom soap opera with more generic superhero attributes and so far it hasn’t worked, with its anti-capitalism, corporate evil ideas becoming annoying and the inclusion of Claire feeling obligatory to the wider universe. 5.5/10


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