Review: Iron Fist Season 1 Episode 3 “Rolling Thunder Cannon Punch”

In what is easily the best directed episode of the series yet, ‘Iron Fist’ finally provides the brutal punch and sense of energy it has been lacking while also retaining its understated, realistic style that continues to ground the show. The supernatural aspects of the Iron Fist story fortunately flow with the back story and to consider them in the same world as Daredevil or Luke Cage actually seems plausible due to how sparingly they are used and the direction of this episode’s action. However, it continues to be difficult to connect with the characters, especially the protagonist as the writers provide Rand with very little direction, motivation or goal to accomplish. Other than the audience recognising a wider conspiracy that Iron Fist will likely have to eventually confront, he also lacks purpose in a show named after him. Rand’s confrontation with the Meachums may provide some progression, but that narrative continues to follow a very repetitive, predictable line, only helped by the return of Carrie-Anne Moss’s witty, wilful Jeri Hogarth. Colleen Wing gets some development here, with an excellent fight sequence near the end, but her role in the show continues to be a mystery, as does her moral perspective after leaving the ring. This was certainly a step up for ‘Iron Fist’ as it began to sew a larger story, but it will first need to reinforce its characters and hope that they become somewhat interesting. 7/10


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