Review: Legion Season 1 Episode 6 “Chapter 6”

The examination of mental restraint and being imprisoned within one’s own mind is extremely well represented within this episode as the director brilliantly crafts the notions of inner turmoil, craze, and supposed paranoia. Lenny’s role in the narrative is cemented, as her control of David and the group is excellently conveyed, building the mental hospital as a facade with superb dialogue to reflect this. While some of the occurrences within this prison lack reasoning, and again rely on the show’s forceful ambiguity and ‘weirdness’, it is the interaction between Lenny and David that showcase the show’s greater themes. It would have been nice if more actually happened in terms of plot, as the pace does suffer and having few answers means the success of this episode depends on the viewer’s patience. But the visual manifestation of this block within David’s mind and how Lenny creates and maintains this state is extremely well designed, with a perfect performance from Aubrey Plaza. 9.1/10


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