Review: Iron Fist Season 1 Episode 1 “Snow Gives Way”

While some of the Marvel Cinematic Universe films have been criticised for their rather formulaic structure and uninspiring visual palette, the Marvel Netflix shows have each had a distinctive style. Unfortunately, ‘Iron Fist’ is bland and generic, lacking scope and filled with clichés. The narrative development is obvious, taking elements of other origin stories and fusing them together. Yet this doesn’t elevate the material but emphasises how predictable the show is. The villains are simplistic, corporate thugs (though there is an unexpected twist mid-episode which could be interesting if it doesn’t follow another clichéd path) and the lack of a clear supporting cast puts all focus on Danny Rand, something writer/creator Scott Buck is unable to handle, as the character is inconsistent, often unlikable and a rehash of other, far-superior heroes. Rand’s muted fighting style has some exciting moments, but doesn’t reflect the gruelling training alluded to, instead only grounding the character and his supernatural elements in this very real world. While ‘Iron Fist’ as a whole is not awful, often just suffering from being another iteration of a familiar story, its dialogue and exposition is. The exposition within this show is amongst the worst I have heard, setting up back story with little rhythm and attempting to reaffirm Rand’s backstory was little subtlety. It pretty much just plays exactly like you expect it to, explaining every development like you are a five year old. 5.8/10


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