Review: Designated Survivor Season 1 Episode 12 “The End of the Beginning”

Unlike cable TV which has the production value, shock and sex to wrangle audiences in each week, networks needs to keep plot progression coming at a rapid pace. This can sometimes undermine a show’s emotion, character and narrative flow, but ‘Designated Survivor’ instead capitalises upon this need for constant development by reflecting the hectic, chaotic, always evolving sense of the Presidency. Having Kirkman sidelined from much of this episode suppresses him back into his morally high standpoint which does get repetitive, but it allows other characters to make impressions and decisive actions. Wells is a fantastic character, aided by powerful performance from Maggie Q, and this episode really showcases that. She is vulnerable and hurting from her constant loss, yet in this episode she highlights her willing ability to do what is right, whatever the cost.  The ending is also excellent as not only was it unpredictable but it promises to further break Wells down and add another level of controversy to the White House. 9/10


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