Review: Feud Season 1 Episode 2 “The Other Woman”

‘Feud’ feels incredibly conflicted in the sense that while it delivers juicy, informative dialogue that presents a cruel image of the Hollywood machine, its depiction of the central ‘feud’ seems simplistic and superficial. Yet maybe that is the point, to showcase Crawford and Davis’ clash of stardom as nothing more than exaggerated and melodramatic. But its the contrast between this and the show’s thematic and historical perspectives that is jarring. You would think the themes and subject would tie together nicely, but the show’s ideas feel too obvious and confrontational. While the writers manage to discuss them with a more critical eye in this episode, more specifically examining how the main character’s opposition to sexism came from their own selfishness and the danger and hypocrisy of gossip, they often feel implemented simply to give the show a bit more weight. The production design, cinematography and acting of course remains exemplary, but for ‘Feud’ to truly succeed it is going to need to bring harmony between its central narrative subject and its wider themes in a way that more subtle and less in your face feminist. 7.2/10