Review: The Path Season 2 Episode 8 “Return”

Thematically ‘The Path’ continues to emphasise the conflict between family and cult, showcasing a number of characters torn, and how this influences their behaviour, as well as the consequences of devoted, blind faith. Each storyline presented in this episode from Eddie’s visions, to Cal attempts to recruit new members, to Sarah’s continued direction down a darker, more morally dark road, highlights these ideas, but unfortunately, many of the situations the characters are put in feel contrived or manufactured specifically for these themes to be touched upon. This makes it more difficult for the audience to connect with their decisions or the attitude they take. The wider ideas are there but the means of communication is fractured and questionable. However, the ending for each of the three main characters promises proper consequence, both in narrative and the way they view themselves. ‘The Path’ has been steadily confirming its direction for a few episodes now, so it will be exciting to see how it all resolves. 8.1/10


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