Review: Riverdale Season 1 Episode 7 “Chapter Seven: In a Lonely Place”

Riverdale’s greatest contribution to the teen soap genre so far has been in its ability to take cliched stereotypical characters such as the rich New Yorker, the girl next door or the jock and add extra layers. This episode provides the show another opportunity for this with Jughead’s dad and the writers do not disappoint, delving deep into the character’s inner conflict, his superficial desire to be better and ultimately his relationship with his son. While I still believe more focus needs to be placed on the overall murder mystery, (though this episode did bring the community together in its search for Polly at the beginning), Jughead’s plot here was extremely well crafted with a number of emotional, somber sequences. It also helps that Cole Sprouse and the other actors involved enrich the characters with charisma and personal mannerisms, while the consequences of one plotline influence others. Riverdale will need to eventually get back to its murder mystery (more than just quick teases), but if it can deliver off-shoots of the quality this episode provided, then the wait is not going to be so tedious. 8.9/10