Review: Legion Season 1 Episode 5 “Chapter 5”

By this point in the series, the ambiguous editing, writing and overall perplexing nature of this series has to be accepted. It creates a beautiful entrancing aesthetic for the show, and is highly symbolic in terms of representing Haller’s mentality, but this was the first episode where it really started to annoy me. Throughout this episode, Haller’s personality constantly changed and though the reason to this was alluded to, since it was such a major element and such a deviation from David’s usual likeable character, it was slightly off putting while certainly not aided by the slow pace. However, the reveal about the Devil with Yellow Eyes and how Lenny works into the overall story was marvellously handled, with exceptional direction and exposition. When the show provides more answers about David’s current state, these reveals should become even more significant and exciting. Ultimately, ‘Legion’ is a superb show with smart, complex characters (Bird’s motivations becomes even more intriguing here) and a distinct attitude towards its concepts, but it needs to remain thoughtful of its audience. Obscurity and unreliable narration works extremely well within this narrative as it feels central to the characters and their powers, but at times larger statements need to be dealt with with more clarity. 8.4/10