Review: Shadowhunters Season 2 Episode 10 “By The Dawn of Light”

While Katherine McNamara continues to let this series down in terms of being unable to sell the necessary emotional highs and lows, the writers of this episode certainly gave her ample opportunity. Placing superb focus on the main arc, rather than distracting relationships (though they are nicely intertwined here), the writers have allowed the show’s wondrous mythology to flourish while making sure each character has a clear motivation and role. This episode also provided a fair amount of solid consequence, making steps to have a long term impact, rather than simply episodic. While the relationship between Clary and Simon has never been a high point of the show, the ending of this episode shows that it could become contentious leading to more drama. ‘Shadowhunters’ has never been a perfect show, and it still has flaws, but this episode shows that its long term vision is certainly alight. 8.1/10