Review: Designated Survivor Season 1 Episode 11 “Warriors”

The aftermath of the thrilling (and near perfect) mid-season finale is at time predictable and disappointing, but it still manages to tempt the audience with its juicy, soap opera plot turns and characters. This melodrama can certainly get out of hand, and the narrative definitely becomes contrived in order to place Kirkman in necessary situations, but as an overall product, this show continues to be pulsating with energy, intrigue and heart. The acting is exceptional while the direction and score superbly reflects the heightened, tense writing as MacLeish gets his hands on power. Moving away from the focus on the conspiracy surrounding the Capitol bombing (though this still will play a part), and becoming more concerned with highlighting each characters attempts to maintain control, ‘Designated Survivor’ continues to handle mystery as a gripping spectacle. As long as the show doesn’t rely on tropes (the ones in this episode can be forgiven, but I will eventually get frustrated with MacLeish’s cliched wife), and retains its unique commentary on morality balanced with engaging twists, it is sure to be a success. 8.3/10