Review: The Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 12 “Say Yes”

‘The Walking Dead’ has a love affair with these sort of individual episodes that don’t really push the plot forward, presents being moody or indepedent as character development and focusses on only a few of the ensemble. The show can sometimes get right, but more often than not it simply becomes repetitive, slow, forced and contrived. That is exactly what this episode is. While the relationship between Rick and Michonne feels authentic due to the pair’s clear chemistry and some funny and heartwarming moments shared between the two, their mission was tiresome and testing with the pair getting into situations simply to give the director a reason to introduce some gore. The tone also clashed throughout the episode, as the depressing, realistic state of Rosita’s storyline was in conflict with the merry developments of Rick and Michonne. The ending does treat the relationship with the honesty it deserves and I wish the episode focussed more on the concept of leadership, but overall this was still a largely unnecessary, drawn out episode of a show with very little understanding of pace. 6/10


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