Review: The Path Season 1 Episode 7 “Providence”

This is a very solid episode of ‘The Path’, as it proceeds in intensifying the pressure on all characters from multiple different angles, in terms of economic, family and moral conflict. Though this pressure seems to come in pulses, with some episode’s lacking the clear direction this one emulates, the show’s long-term focus and vision seems to be cemented. By providing the development ‘The Path’ has over its last season, albeit slow and often repetitive, the series has allowed the central characters to be clearly defined, with unique characteristics, motivations and beliefs. This makes the emotional resonance of their actions even more powerful, also allowing the audience to be conflicted in their desire to see each prevail. The love triangle between Sarah, Cal and Eddie continues to go in circles, though this episode does highlight Sarah’s dependency on Cal as a result of her need for support with leading the movement, and Sean’s background doesn’t have the foundations yet to sustain such a potentially pivotal story. If ‘The Path’ carries on raising the tension, paranoia and overall conflict, its long-term viability seems assured, while it may need to focus on making sure the path to this end result remains fresh. 9.1/10