Review: Legion Season 1 Episode 4 “Chapter 4”

If you think about reality, the world and the universe, there is so much that we as humans take for granted. There are so many things that we do not understand, yet we justify them with theories and ideas. ‘Legion’ dives into these philosophical concepts, with arguably the most unconventional, bizarre episode of television I have ever seen. Layering memories onto the future, reality onto surrealism, truth onto falsehood, the show transcends presenting individual moments that emphasise the question of what is real, and instead becomes entirely representative of that question. While it’s ambiguous, erratic sense of flow and narrative may become slightly tedious, and the show could provide a little more overall plot progression, this episode works perfectly as a symbol of theme and character. The sequences are beautifully filmed and directed, and though their relation to each can seem paradoxical and misleading, they are certainly intriguing, and once the episode has been viewed as a whole, you will be able to appreciate the individual moments. ‘Legion’ will have to step up its contribution to story, but it continues to excel in its thought-provoking commentary on human psychology, reality, and truth. 9.1/10


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