Review: Logan

Source: Empire
The Western genre has the ability to strike at the core of human emotion by unravelling characters in a raw, unflinching manner. ‘Logan’ takes elements of this to provide a quintessential examination of humanity and hope in the face of adversity. While the reason for the character’s initially distrustful, ‘angry’ mood is only alluded to (which is frustrating considering it has such a massive narrative impact), the portrayal of Logan and his arc is sensational. Writer/Director James Mangold’s eye for detail is extraordinary as Logan’s inner growth is mirrored by beautiful changes in his actions and behaviour towards other characters. The evolution of these relationships further intensify the film’s emotional resonance, as Mangold doesn’t solely rely upon tragedy to spark development but also allows for levity and heart. The balance between these three components is what makes the central relationships and characters nuanced and real. Logan and Lauren’s growth is also reflected in their fighting techniques, which develop from scrappy to refined to masterful. The action sequences as a whole are astounding, choreographed brilliantly to provide a constant sense of brutality while also depicting the soul and reasoning of the protagonists. The third act does suffer from an over-use of these set-pieces, but their representation of the character’s journey is resoundingly clear. Ultimately, audiences may see some elements of ‘Logan’ as silly and in conflict with the film’s vehement tone, but the character analysis this film provides Wolverine is superb. The entire cast is up for the challenge, especially Patrick Stewart and Hugh Jackman, who are both award worthy. 4.5/5


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