Review: Taboo Season 1 Episode 8 “Episode 8”

What makes this episode so frustrating, isn’t just that it renders many of the show’s subplots and characters inconsequential or that it ends predictably, but that James Delaney appears so rarely that the episode doesn’t even work as a form of character development. All Delaney does throughout this episode (and much of the season) is organise and plan. He’s a meticulous, incredibly smart man, but with the writers shunting the supernatural elements aside (except for a couple ambiguous remarks), he has also become boring. ‘Taboo’ as a whole suffers the same fate, as after weeks of teasing, its climatic battle and journey forth wraps up too nicely and without any serious consequence. Any strand of possible ramifications is lost amongst this poorly structured entry that jumps around the characters, attempting to resolve their plots in a rushed manner. The writing is also terribly melodramatic and blatant. It cries out as trying to be bold, but forgets the show’s historical underpinnings. After starting out with immense potential, ‘Taboo’ has dissolved into a visually beautiful, but narratively flawed piece of long-form entertainment, that forgot to entertain. 4.5/10


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