Review: I Don’t Feel At Home In This World Anymore


At its core, this is a film about how humans often take for granted the immense trust we place in each other to not upset common social practises. For the most part it buzzes with surprisingly funny inconveniences that highlight our complacent, relaxed attitude in respecting our communities and wider world. However, significantly, the film is also critical of the hypocrisy of the main character and her complaints, creating a well founded discussion that drives the narrative. Unfortunately, while the first half is able to balance this thought-provoking insight into human surrender and contentment with comedic momentum, the poorly structured second half gets caught up attempting to straddle its absurdity with thrill. It simply forgets its roots as it takes too long to raise the stakes or present any meaningful plot progression and instead worries about spotlighting the antagonists who end up as one-dimensional, predictable and clichéd villains. While the essence of the main character endures, the overall premise and concept is lost amongst the genre experimentation and flat supporting characters, leading to a unfocussed, weak resolution. 3/5


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