Review: The Path Season 2 Episode 6 “For Our Safety”

Society is volatile, evolving and perceived differently by each individual. It is that last point that this episode of ‘The Path’ emphasises, highlighting the clear contrasts and similarities between Sarah and Eddie’s lives. Eddie’s freedom may give him endless opportunities to expand and grow, but the social anxiety that it creates pushes him back to what he is used to, the Meyerist Community. On the other hand, while Sarah understands the scrutiny of her movements and actions are a consequence of her faith and leadership, she is tempted by rebellion, love and liberty. As Hawk’s storyline presents, sometimes the comforts in life eventually push us into less known territories. Each of these concepts are clear throughout the episode, and though none are perfectly executed, with some forced, contrived situations, each serves a purpose. The writing promotes a discussion on action versus beliefs and fear, while also tying in more timely political ideas of security and isolation. These are grand but also tried subjects so the show will need to think outside of the box in order to make them seem fresh, not simply using a rehash of storylines and conflict to make them seem relevant, which often happens in this episode. 8.7/10


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