Review: Shadowhunters Season 2 Episode 8 “Love is a Devil”

The main magic battle sequence at the end of this episode was incredibly satisfying from a narrative perspective, even with poor visual effects, as it served as a wake up call to the characters to drop their selfish, relationship focussed attitudes and realise the danger they face. The last few episodes have suffered from poor balance in urgency, with one main arc progressing the plot through dangerous tasks, and others being involved with typical teenage tropes. Individually each are mostly fine and well written (the less said about Simon the better), but the difference in gravity between each has become annoying. This episode, however, for the most, completely ignored Valentine’s threat, and focussed on a party (what sort of party was that for a kid). While the conflict that arose was a good idea, it was awfully directed and executed, with the reveals predictable and arguments forced. The relatively bad acting from the cast also meant that such twists lacked emotion and weight. I am fine for the show to develop relationships under the premise of clichéd teenage situations, but they must still be aware of the context they exist in. The development should parallel plot progression and not act as if the personal lives of these characters are entirely separate to their fight against Valentine. 6.2/10


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