Review: The Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 10 “New Best Friends”

Zombie literature more often than not exists within some form of a dystopian world. It is the creator’s duty to decide what sort of tone this world will take and how grounded it will remain in reality. ‘The Walking Dead’, for the most part’ has always been extremely gritty, dark and rough. But with the introduction of the Scavengers in this episode, the tone transitioned into more of a dystopia one would expect from a fairy-tale or children’s novel. There is nothing wrong with this, and the new community is intriguing albeit convenient within the narrative, but the tone does clash and it all seems very bizarre in relation to the atmosphere the show normally (attempts to) create. It was also odd to juxtapose this introduction with the emotional, long awaited reunion between Darryl and Carol. The set-up to this was convoluted, but the writer/director nailed the pay-off. Carol is the show’s best character, and placing her at risk, while also cementing her bond with another fan favourite Darryl, raised the stakes and urgency. It finally allowed me to connect with the conflict and Darryl’s motivations. If the show continues to make smart moves like this, understanding the viewer’s relation to the original characters and relationships, then the narrative should become more engaging and arresting. 7.3/10


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