Review: Taboo Season 1 Episode 6 “Episode 6”

While the economic discussions and political conflict over American territory has always been one of the show’s more interesting aspects, Delaney’s involvement in it has become more tiresome, repetitive and slow as the show continues. The production of the gunpowder and evasion of the EIC and Crown has begun to dominate the plot so much that what each party is trying to achieve has become blurred. While this episode does feature some daring exercises in outwitting the Delaney’s adversaries, much of it results from obstacles that seem introduced for the sake of drawing the conflict out. The need for filler also leads to more ambiguous visuals regarding Delaney’s mother and his supernatural links. It’s nice that the show wants to contextualise these moments and associate them with specific emotions and memories, but it has now become tedious. ‘Taboo’ has done a poor job at incorporating this mystery into the current plot, and therefore whenever the show does decide to confront it, it comes across as sudden, random and meaningless. Much the same could be said for Zilpha’s storyline that really has little consequence on anything. 6.1/10