Review: The Path Season 2 Episode 5 “Why We Source”

Instead of just mentioning danger, deception and a threat to the wider community, this episode actually visualises these concepts while masterfully raising the stakes for every character. Having Hawk arrested at the start of the episode allowed the writers to not tip-toe around its core issues, diving deep into a discussion of movement vs family, the influence of ideologies and the intricacies of moral conflict. What larger story progression this development will influence remains to be seen, and some elements of are certainly contrived and rushed, but the point it makes is superb, and one of the show’s strongest examples of tying theme with story. This must also be credited to the direction, which creates a constant sense of paranoia and restriction that presents parallels between the experience of being imprisoned¬†and that of being a part of a cult. Ultimately, ‘The Path’ highlights the poison that runs show corporate administrations and organisations, noting the corruption and conflict that comes with power, influence and control. 9.5/10


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