Review: Riverdale Season 1 Episode 4 “Chapter 4: The Last Picture Show”

Further emphasising that ‘Riverdale’ is about community, relationships, friendships and betrayals, this episode continues to detach much of the insular Archie/Grundy drama from key plot lines. This is appreciated as it means that most other characters can get on with their far more interesting lives without being burdened by this genre cliché which is poorly plotted and questionably resolved. The other storylines spark and develop seamlessly, with the writing buzzing with youthful pop culture references and consistently subverting typical stock characters. Unfortunately though, Cheryl seems to be forgotten, reset to her Episode 1 mean girl status that takes away from the unique progressions characters such as Veronica and Jughead make. The reveal about Jughead at the end of this episode is particularly emotional (supported by a great performance from Cole Sprouse), and works to justify what initially seems like unreasonable attempts by the character to stop the Drive In from closing. 7.4/10


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