Review: Legion Season 1 Episode 2 “Chapter 2”

‘Legion’ and its narrative relies heavily upon the superb editing choices made and the dream-like direction that propels the audience into the perspective of David. The decision to use such editing, both visually and in terms of sound, is detrimental in creating this experience, but for many it may make the show seem fractured, confusing or too ambiguous. This is especially significant when considering episodes like this one largely focus on flashbacks that inform the viewer about a character. The information these flashbacks/memories provide are incredibly important to understanding David’s ability, and beautifully realised through the surrealist aesthetic, but some may find they are difficult to decipher due to their disjointed nature. They mirror David’s chaotic mentality perfectly, but are rather inaccessible (though that is the point). This form of character development also adds to this episode’s ‘origin story’ like tone and progression, following the formula of a character realising his true self. ‘Legion’ executes it with such artistic, purposeful vision that such a formula works, but it does feel familiar and slightly predictable. 9.3/10


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