Review: Shadowhunters Season 2 Episode 7 “How Are Thou Fallen”

‘Shadowhunters’ once again is unable to provide a consistent level of urgency to its numerous stories. While I am all for the smaller and more intimate moments, all of which here (excluding Simon’s), are well-developed and plotted, aided by some of the show’s best written dialogue to date, discussing each other’s sex life and romantic skills might appeal to the Valentine’s Day audience, but is jarring, petty and awkward considering how intense Clary’s storyline is. The writer is unable to make the audience truly invested in seeing how the relationships unfold or how Isabelle handles her selfish needs when Clary trying to rescue an Angel is simply more engaging and important. The grand imagery and cinematography that accompanies it is able to emphasise the event’s significance to the wider story, as well as to the show’s mythology. If a greater balance could have been conceived between the two types of stories within this episode, it may have been the most fascinating yet. 6.9/10


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