Review: Frontier Season 1 Episode 6 “The Gallows”

There was a lot at stake throughout this episode, and even though it slowed down in the middle and efforts to incorporate Grant’s storyline into the main arc were appreciated but rushed, the climax was set up to be a dramatic, tense affair. Unfortunately, ‘Frontier’ simply didn’t lay down the foundations to create any emotional heft. The relationship between Benton and Harp was repeatedly mentioned and the actors both showed their character’s hatred for each other well, but not enough time had been allocated to making sure the audience was invested in their feud. So when the two characters came into greater conflict here, it just didn’t resonate or seem as significant as it clearly was meant to be. Instead the writers attempted to develop obstacles for the supporting characters, which just came off as contrived, and working on power plays, such as with Emberly and Chesterfield, that were not substantial to the overall story. If these had been expanded on and influenced the character’s motives and actions then fine, but each had very little consequence upon the end result. ‘Frontier’, as a series, had a lot of potential, but its determination to go for quick shock contrasted with its heavy historical and political backdrop. The show never really knew which characters were the most important or interesting and therefore too much time was given to storylines that had little pay off and simply slowed everything down. 6.1/10


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