Review: The Path Season 2 Episode 4 “The Red Wall”

Integrating individual stories into wider arcs and character plots has never been a strength of ‘The Path’ and instead there has always been conflict between the two. This episode however, was able to successfully weave episodic and serialised drama, such as with Gaines, whose investigation into the cult here was the best it has been.  Instead of feeling like an afterthought, or a contrived piece of drama, the police investigation felt central to the story, adding on another layer of pressure towards Cal and Sarah. Using Lisa, a previous member of the cult, provided the show with a thematically significant examination of victimhood, contrasted nicely with Eddie’s situation. While Lisa fears the Meyerists, she is still loyal to them due to the blackmail, but Eddie (once again aided by a brilliant performance from Aaron Paul) on the other hand is not scared to speak out. He remains suspicious of the group and is willing to talk to Sean, but the end of the episode represents the character finally seeking some resolution. Eddie is ready to recognise the cult as the past, and highlight its absuvie control to others. Sarah also finds herself rapidly propelled in a new direction, as while still distrustful of Cal, she becomes more willing to exploit others for the cult’s benefit. There are still some less important and more generic developments such as Hawk’s teenage love, and the pace is still inconsistent, but this new integration of ideas is helping make the show more appealing. 8.2/10