Review: The Young Pope Season 1 Episode 8 “Episode 8”

Taking on a more episodic format, this episode begins with a beautifully written monologue regarding the events at the end of the previous entry. It’s a brief, yet deeply revealing, insight into Lenny the ‘friend’. Having the character stripped down and vulnerable is just one example of many great directorial choices throughout this episode. Yet mention of Dussolier practically stops after this and doesn’t leave any residue. The fractured state of this episode also doesn’t help, yet Sorrentino is able to dance around this with a generic, but still devastating, look into human injustice in Africa. Seeing Lenny’s reaction to such issues is able to further humanise the character and move the show away from the constant desire to surprise the audience with his shocking radical actions. This is great character work, it’s just a shame that this episode feels so isolated, as if it will have little influence on future events. 7.8/10


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