Review: The Young Pope Season 1 Episode 7 “Episode 7”

While this episode didn’t provide anything new, and rather simply reaffirmed the pressures against the Pope and his rule, such defiance became more visually interesting as these conspiracies and plans properly went into the works. However, Voiello’s intentions and actions here, where he continues to flip-flop on his alliance to Lenny, seemed unjustified and at times confusing. Voiello is a character of sensational intellect and political tact, so seeing him jump around in such a manner may seem true to his self motivated character, but wasn’t given enough time to resonate. Perhaps if Voiello hadn’t been so disloyal previously such flippant actions could have been proven more interesting and gripping, but it’s now becoming a norm and slightly repetitive. This paranoia and conspiracy surrounding the Pope was further emphasised by Dussolier’s situation within the episode, as the beliefs of the Vatican and Church are undermined by their supposed allies and friends, but it was given too much weight for a character that has only just become important. 7.4/10


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