Review: Riverdale Season 1 Episode 3 “Chapter Three: Body Double”

This episode relies upon tropes of the ‘teen soap’ genre more than previous episodes and therefore is neither as engaging nor as fresh. Its bold, and at times melodramatic, writing is often distracting and obvious, though it does lead to brilliant development for a lot of characters including Betty. With a stellar performance from Lili Reinhart, Betty continues to twist and turn, with her intentions clear, but her means of action not, creating a compelling and unpredictable figure. The writers have taken a stock character and given her enough motivation and weight to justify such a change. ‘Polly’ continues to be overused as a plot mechanism, but the results it provides are worthwhile, and the dynamic it creates with Veronica should be interesting to see develop. While this episode was unable to stay clear of generic situations and set-ups, ‘Riverdale’ remains one of the most beautiful soaps on TV, with excellent cinematography and editing, while its self-aware comic book understanding continues to be exciting and satisfying. 7.8/10

#JusticeForEthel…that was actually incredibly smart… #JusticeForBarb


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