Review: Legion Season 1 Episode 1 “Chapter 1”

Noah Hawley’s previous work with ‘Fargo’ showcased his ability to masterfully balance surrealism and realism; two styles that once again seem in perfect harmony here in ‘Legion’. Hawley’s direction creates an immersive experience, as the audience gains access to the visually spectacular, transcendent perspective of David Haller, a clearly unreliable narrator. This opens a barrel of questions, as the show repeatedly, but never annoyingly, asks what is real and what isn’t. The episode’s editing and aesthetic captures Haller’s dubious recollection of events and presents it in a whimsical dream like state, blurring the lines between true and false, not intended to ‘trick’ the audience, but to best represent the character’s untrustworthy view. Nearly always focussing upon Haller makes the audience’s experience seem all the more organic, presenting events he encounters with the same suspicion and distrust as he has. However, this flow of emotion and experience does at times become hampered by unnecessary exposition meant to contextualise Haller’s circumstances and confirm the show as one of the superhero genre. I also found that while the depiction of his powers is visually arresting, the use of a soundtrack instead of the physical noise of the outburst and the slow-mo effect, detracts from the force and impact of the action, and its brutal, devastating effect on Haller’s self view. Seeing a plate hit the ground without sound doesn’t quite have the same piercing jolt as it does with sound. 9.4/10

P.s, Aubrey Plaza continues to stun…




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