Review: Shadowhunters Season 2 Episode 6 “Iron Sisters”

Placing emphasis and importance upon pairs throughout this episode; whether it be in examining the relationship between Magnus and Alec, (influenced by each others experiences and age; an oddly potent discussion in our current social climate), or the similarities and differences between races, it doesn’t always work or escape predictability, but it showcases the show’s ability to go beyond superficial teenage soap. It’s also satisfying to see ‘Shadowhunters’ not constantly consumed by action or plot. Too often does the show resort to episodic challenges with the intentions of testing characters, yet ultimately falling back on repetitive developments. This episode instead focusses on the growth each character has had during the previous conflict and setting the stage for further progress. There is, however, still too much built upon convenience and contrived circumstances, but the expansion of the show’s mythology is still admired. 7.1/10


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