Review: Frontier Season 1 Episode 5 “The Disciple”

Besides some absolutely gorgeous cinematography and the supposed promise that the finale will deliver on this episode’s truck load of set-up, ‘The Disciple’ really has nothing going for it. The interrogation sequences are dreadfully drawn out, and other than revealing a tidbit of information regarding Harp and Benton’s history and providing Harp with a sense of real emotion, they ultimately achieve very little. In between these tedious, plodding scenes, are various examples of melodrama, such as a sudden, late-game possible love triangle and convenient acts of betrayal and brutality. This fractured structure does help to show that things are actually happening as Benton lectures Harp, for what seems like an eternity, but they individually don’t add up to much. The Montreal plot line, which will hopefully finally have some impact on the main events in the finale, is also dull and boring, as the lifeless writing continues to write itself into circles in an attempt to provide drama. 4.5/10