Review: Frontier Season 1 Episode 4 “Wolves”

‘Frontier’ remains distracted, incoherent and convoluted, as though its large cast of characters represents the vast, cruel nature of the North American trading wars, it is mostly ineffective due to how broadly crafted they are. This is particularly clear with Grant and Brown, whose entire relationship and storyline plods along with little development or urgency. So while the conflict created in this episode by the arrival of  Captain Johnson does pull focus from Harp’s endeavours, at least it works to place pressure on Benton and Chesterfield and how the need for progress by the British led to strained relations. In contrast, the Montreal plot line feels irrelevant outside of representing how crowded North America had become with traders. That is a good way to summarise the entire show. It has good intentions to depict such a historical event, but the individual mechanics it is using to do so are neither intriguing or suspenseful. Its characters play like caricatures, and the writers don’t really know where they are headed. 5.5/10