Review: The Path Season 2 Episode 3 “The Father and The Son”

This episode makes it clear that ‘The Path’ is full of clutter, from storylines such as Mary’s pregnancy to Abe’s relationship troubles. Each of these provide well written development for the individual characters, and present insight into the Meyerist community, but none are particularly engaging or that interesting as they have little impact on the wider narrative. Sure, Abe is conducting a police investigation into the cult, but so far that has had no development with any lasting consequence, while Mary represents Cal’s demons and arrogance, yet that characterisation is also created in far more riveting ways, such as Cal’s disturbing confrontation at the end of this episode. These individual plots certainly highlight the characters as more than robotic cult followers, which solidifies the audience’s connection with the group, but their repetitiveness makes me question how much of an effect they will ultimately have. However, this was the best episode for Aaron Paul in while, delivering a devastating performance as his character attempts to clarify his own vision. Again, it is something the show has done before, but Paul’s performance, and the conflict it creates between Sarah and Cal, while also making Hawk feel relevant, is appreciated. 7.4/10