Review: Split

Source: Movie and TV Reviews

‘Split’ has roaring ambitions, attempting to provide a greater examination into psychological conflict and adversity than what most films of such a genre would. However, while this vision to discuss survival, mentality, and more complex pataphysical thoughts of human evolution works in parts, too many concepts are set up that are not followed through on. In their individual ways, each are compelling in the moment, but looking at the film as a whole, they are inconsequential and never amount to much. A more simplistic, less ambiguous approach could have been taken and the same response would have been received. In saying that, these individual segments are extremely well conceived, it’s just a shame they don’t really culminate into anything. ‘Split’ is still an incredibly entertaining film due to the design of its central character. Kevin is masterfully crafted, with his distinct personalities feeling very real and conflicted in the task they are trying to accomplish. Though the writing certainly helps with this, it is James McAvoy’s spectacular performance that sells it, transitioning between dread and glee with ease while still retaining tension and suspense. This all climaxes with a brilliant twist, that while slightly ‘inside baseball’, will certainly send many into the air with excitement. 4/5




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