Review: Riverdale Season 1 Episode 2 “Chapter Two: A Touch of Evil”

Teen soap shows have always worked off the premise of stereotypical teenage characters and their romantic fantasies. While these can be humourous enough, and benefit from illogical twists and betrayals, they often lack depth and any sense of realism. This is yet another example of how Riverdale is excelling, as it pushes past your average teen show with characters that are quickly developing nuance and layers. They don’t rely on twists to be effective or memorable. Much of this must be attributed to the fantastic writing, that superbly balances much-needed tropes with fresh dynamics. However, I would also highlight the work of the actors, each of whom provide their characters with a certain star power. Each character stands out as desirable and sexy in their own way, with distinctive personalities that are constantly evolving as you would expect from characters of such an age. While the murder mystery lacks urgency and tension, and the Student/Teacher relationship shown here is repetitive and too familiar in such a subversive¬†show, ‘Riverdale’ is making sure its titular community feels very real, yet still has the punch and spectacle of any good soap. 8.9/10


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