Review: Taboo Season 1 Episode 4 “Episode 4”

With more poorly realised characters, that seemed to be introduced only as plot mechanisms, ‘Taboo’ continues to provide only set up and deliver little pay-off. Its mysteries are becoming tired and repetitive, as while Delaney certainly has a plan to con the British and the EITC, it isn’t given the focus it should and instead the episode’s main asset (the heist) feels like an afterthought.While there are attempts at alleviating this pure boredom with animal imagery to create parallels between the supposedly savage, mad, and ‘African’ James Delaney and the crazed British upper class, it is too on the nose and obvious. The unsubtle party sequences simply reaffirm these ideas and achieve very little, with character relationships and intentions treated with ambiguity. Luckily, the exceptional action choreography and cinematography make the result pleasing to look at, and at times thrilling, but it still suffers from this show’s poor pace and lack of concern for an end result. 6.2/10


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