Review: Shadowhunters Season 2 Episode 5 “Dust and Shadows”

The impact of the last episode was always going to ride heavily upon what sort of consequences it bestowed upon the wider story and characters. While this episode does follow a predictable, safe path for the most part, the ending cements such consequences and should motivate the characters on their quest. It is a little on the nose and suffers from the one-note acting of Katherine McNamara, who can only pull off a look of trepidation, but it highlights that the show can, and will hopefully continue to, cover more dark and adult themes. This episode’s most effective sequences portrayed a foreboding, disturbing perspective on the typical good vs evil fight, with a sinister look at a member of the Warlock faction. Creating such conflict, where even supposed allies fight, heightens the tension and highlights that though this is a world of magic, not everyone is safe. Hopefully ‘Shadowhunters’ will continue to explore these sort of plot lines in balance with its main arc, rather than diverting towards random, episodic challenges, or absolutely horrendous Simon sequences (this episode’s one is almost unbelievable in its stupidity). The show’s greatest asset is its world and mythology, and from this episode, it looks like it finally recognised that. 7.6/10


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