Review: The Young Pope Season 1 Episode 6 “Episode 6”

The first half of this season was able to create a beautiful harmony between the character study of Lenny and the impact of his papacy upon the Vatican and Cardinals. But this episode took too much on, attempting to weave too many conspiracies and political agendas into the story which ultimately distracted from Lenny’s arc. One of the most powerful aspects of the previous episode was the incredible position¬†it provided Lenny, in cementing his dominance and power. But due to the abrupt time jump here, the audience is not given a thorough examination of the immediate aftermath, and instead we see Lenny facing his standard opposition, much like before his ‘rise’. This episode is certainly necessary but more should have been done, besides obvious, on the nose imagery, to clarify what had developed. Maybe nothing has, and it was simply the tonal difference that threw me. But after raising the stakes and drama in Episode 5, this felt like a step backwards. 7.7/10