Review: Frontier Season 1 Episode 2 “Little Brother War”

It’s sprawling premise promises an insightful examination of the historical period, yet unfortunately, takes too much upon itself to be effective and often ends up convoluted. The many different factions each feature intriguing intentions and motivations, but the caricature like characters over-simplify the emotional stakes, and many sequences become melodramatic and laughable. Characters such as Benton, Chesterfield (performed poorly by Evan Jonigkeit) and Emberly lack nuance and grounding, playing exactly as one would expect of their respective roles. You can’t be empathetic or concerned towards their actions, because of how stereotypical they are.  However, this episode luckily provides enough links between the individual plots to make each feel necessary, but only for brief moments, and normally only to provide exposition. The main story, of Jason Momoa’s Harp, is certainly the most thrilling, as the director does a brilliant job at capturing his menace and conflict. The contrast between his style and that of the English is stirring, and it is this historical exploration the show should focus upon, not the soap-operaish titillation and melodrama. 7.3/10


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