Review: The Young Pope Season 1 Episode 4 “Episode 4”

Lenny’s perspective of the church and its word becomes even more vividly unsettling throughout this episode, as the writers continue to stress his radical views in contrast to the traditional, expected, beliefs of the Cardinals. The effect of this upon those living at the Vatican, as well as others, is interesting as it continues to highlight the show’s political flair, as the Cardinal’s adjust their lifestyles to what will ultimately better them, even if that means spreading lies about their sexuality. While this episode continues to reaffirm ideals about the Pope and often feels slightly like a soap opera, Jude Law is magnetic and the show’s desire to shock has become more sustained, rather than abrupt. It places incredible emphasis upon how the actions of someone reflects their dedication to religion, from Esther’s indiscretions to Voiello’s gossip and conflict. I would like to see a larger arc open up for the show, as it does at times slow down and lack draw, but its continual focus upon character should be appreciated. 7.9/10